what is the best
security solution
for you

We’ve all heard this sometime in our life “We’ve got the best security product on the market for you,” and most of the time end up disappointed as we become tied into a company who subcontracts or whose quality is not what’s expected!

South Africa’s crime rates are growing at a steady rate, reasoning why security regardless whether for your home or office, should be of top priority no matter the situation – In 2018 thus far, Reported Burglaries at residential premises are sitting at 228 094 and Burglaries at commercial premises are sitting at 71 195. Commercial and Residential properties largely use guards as their form of security, and whilst this is part of a tangible solution to preventing a crime near you, is it really the best option if you’re trying to find the most cost effective way.

“A quick fix to the problem” – That’s what we’re all going for, but when you compare man power to installing a deterrent towards a potential criminal activity threat, which option would be most likely to catch even the smarter criminals.


Hiring a guard means

Real time monitoring on site until officials arrive; However, Most guards do not carry fire arms on them, therefore if the criminal man power is stronger than that of the hired guard, then this form of security becomes futile.


Installing a CCTV System means

  • 24 hour live stream watched from a control room to view suspicious activity;
  • Alarm Systems will alert a control room and a reaction vehicle will be sent out with immediate effect; and
  • CCTV Footage can be used to display to police and officials as well as being utilised for insurance claiming purposes).

When we asked Company Director Mark Woolgar from Securi-Fire on this statement, his statement was:

Security footage is often reviewed and used in finding and prosecuting offenders, we’ve helped clients time and again with various problems.

Mark Woolgar

Let’s talk safety in your home environment – We understand that it’s a topic most try to avoid, especially those with young children, as they don’t want to unnecessary scare them. However, no matter the age, everyone in the home or office area should be briefed on actions to take in an emergency.