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Are you looking for a reliable intercom systems company within the Durban area to come and provide you with the solution which you need. Through having a fully integrated intercom system installed at your premises this will then allow you to be notified when someone arrives at your gate. We can install these at either your residential property so that you then know if family or friends have arrived or at your commercial office premises so that you can be notified when customers or staff arrive for work. We have a variety of intercom systems which are on offer for you to choose which are very quality systems so that you will then be satisfied with the service and products which you are receiving.


This is an intercom system which is produced by Centurion. This intercom has a very stylish design and is an excellent value for money.

Key Features:

  • Award winning style handset design
  • 12V DC operation with optimal battery backup
  • Each panel fitted with two call buttons
  • Expandable up to five components with a maximum of two entry panels
This is a cellular network based multi unit intercom system which is produced by Centurion. This allows you to screen the visitors at the entrance of the residential or commercial estate before letting them in. The feature which makes this system different is the Global system for mobile communication (GSM) which means that there is no need for add on modules to use SIM cards. In addition this feature also ensures that it is less prone to lightening.

Key Features:

Battery backup and built in lightning protection | Pin code entry | Visitor can select from up to three contact numbers per unit to call | Back lit LCD display | Weatherproof enclosure suitable for outdoor or indoor environments.

This is a door phone which is produced by Commax. It has a good audio quality as well as a refined design. This intercom system allows you to talk to a visitor which is at your gate through picking up the handset and putting it next to your ear to allow you to have a conversation with the person on the other side. From the phone you can then open up the gate to allow the person access into your property.

This is an intercom system which is produced by Commax. It has a very compact and easy to use design. This allows the person at the gate to press the button which will ring the inside of the house so that you are then notified that someone is at your gate.


Provides greater security as you can control access of who you want to allow access to your property.

Provides better communication between inside the house and the external environment as you will be able to identify visitors through a conversation.

When intercom systems come with built in cameras this provides greater convenience as you will be able to have a conversation and also see the person at the same time.

AIphone system which was recently installed at a clients house in the upper highway area. This is a good quality intercom system which also comes with a built in camera on the system which allows the owner to speak to the visitor as well as being able to see who is at the gate.

An AIphone system which was installed at a clients house in conjunction with the other product on the left. This will be installed inside the house and will allow the owner to hear and see the person at the gate on the screen which is positioned in the middle of the indoor system.

A Centurion keypad which in this case was positioned outside the clients gate. This can serve as an additional means to enter the property through giving visitors or workers the code so that they can enter when they arrive for work or want to leave at the end of the working day.